OMRON Image Sensing Technology for a Daily Plus +SENSING

  • Human Body Detection

    Detect the location and number of people in large office.
    Adjust temperature and lightning of only necessary places.
    If it is used for systems such as building automations, it'll contribute to significant energy savings and cost reduction.


  • Expression Estimation

    A great smile can lead to better customer satisfaction.
    Rate one's own smile with Smile Degree Estimation and If it is used for emproyee training, the quality of hospitality and services can be improved.


  • Gender & Age Estimation

    Obtain information about the customers automatically
    such as age, sex and the number.
    The comparison of daily data enables marketing
    along the exact needs of each store.


OMRON's image sensing technology is installed in various equipment in the world.


OKAO™ Vision technology is also available as following module

  • Now on saleHuman Vision Components(HVC-P2) B5T-007001

    Incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration. Board type component easy to install on equipment.


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OMRON Image Sensing Technology for a Daily Plus +SENSING