OMRON Image Sensing Technology for a Daily Plus +SENSING

Now with OMRON Technology

Compact and Fast! Technology reliable indoors or outdoors.
From home appliances to robots, many devices are now improved with OMRON Technology.


OKAO Vision technology is available as follows

  • New release! Human Vision Components(HVC-P2) B5T-007001

    Incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration. Board type component easy to install on equipment.



  • Flexible televisions or AVC units with hands-free control

    Control televisions or AC units with hand gestures, removing the need for multiple remotes.


  • Personalized service for regular customers

    Identify customers to recognize regulars and provide a personalized service based on their preferences.


  • Shutter activation on a smile

    Estimate the smiling degree of people in front of the camera, capturing the best moment to automatically activate the shutter.


  • Monitor loved ones from a distance

    Check on relatives living apart through your smartphone to lessen your worries.


  • Comfortable environment for people who enjoy driving

    For example, automatically adjust the temperature settings based on the number and condition of passengers,
    or automatically pick the driver's favorite music.


  • Comfortable future with home appliances adjusting to people

    For example, automatically adjust the temperature settings based on the number and condidtion of people present,
    or automatically pick television programs recommended for the viewers.


  • Smarter world for smartphones

    Instant login with face recognition.
    Smartphone shopping made even easier.


  • Revolutionize shopping habits

    Marketing of products based on the customers' motions and expressions.
    Stores will soon adapt to your interests!