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Usage Examples for Recommendations

Image Sensing can estimate age and gender, and identify pre-registered individuals.
This can be used to pick up goods matching estimated age and gender propeties, or information on registered clients, and add "Recommendations Features" in various equipment that will offer recommendations.
For example audio, TV or karaoke equipment, vending machines or digital menus in restaurants can be expected to become more convenient.

Usage examples for recommendations.

  • Example1


    Enjoy a new lifestyle with robots that can identify and support people.

    With advances in robotics, the time when robots can communicate with people and comfort them may just be around the corner. Behavior analysis features using Image Sensing technology are required for these communication robots.

    Using in nursing homes, it permits residents not only to enjoy conversations based on ...


  • Example2


    Recognize viewers and adjust to their suitable environment.

    Image Sensing technology can be used to improve the devices essential to our daily life.

    For example, most of us have likely experienced missing the start of a program while searching for the right channel on the television.
    Estimate the properties of TV viewers to recommend popular programs among people of the same gender and age range, ...


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