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Usage Examples for Home Appliances

Incorporating Image Sensing in our homes and offices will make some home appliances even more popular. Home appliances will not only be controlled automatically to keep a room confortable, they will also watch over patients or the elderly. Other examples include watching over pets when absent from home or capture missed best shots with cameras. An increasing number of home appliances will cover an ever increasing number of situations. Hit products will be born from new ideas.

Usage Examples for Home Appliances

  • Example1


    Detect unusual family behaviors or situations even when not present.

    For example, even for families taking care of the sick or the elderly, it is often impossible to watch over everyone all the time.

    Having sick family members or the elderly taken care of in care or nursing facilities can bring some peace of mind, but this is not always possible. In such cases, Image Sensing...


  • Example2


    Sense people's conditions and automatically control home appliances or cameras.

    Haven't we all ever fell asleep in front of the TV, or with the lights or AC on, even if we eager to save energy?

    Incorporating Image Sensing technologies like Face Detection or Human Detection to home appliances...


  • Example3


    Monitor people's location to optimize comfort and energy saving.

    Prevent the energy waste of using the AC for the whole office when working only in small area of that large room.

    Incorporating Image Sensing technology like Human Body Detection to the AC can help identify the location and number of people in a defined area of the room in order to...


  • Example4


    Watch over pets when not present.

    For most owners, pets are members of the family.
    Owners worry about their pets when they act strangely and can't watch over them.
    They sometimes worry about how their pets are doing at home even when they are not sick.


  • Example5


    Make daily life easier by controlling home appliances through gestures.

    We use home appliances every day so being able to control them through easier motions would make our daily lives easier.

    Using Image sensing technologies like Hand Gesture Recognition, Gaze & Blink Estimation or Face Direction Estimation would....


  • Example6


    Control home appliances through facial expressions or properties.

    Image Sensing can be used to control the temperature settings of air conditioners or other home appliances. Self-regulating everyday use equipment would make our daily lives easier.Adjust the AC unit or other appliances to the properties and number of people present with Image Sensing technology.


  • Example7


    Recognize viewers and adjust to their suitable environment.

    Image Sensing technology can be used to improve the devices essential to our daily life.
    For example, most of us have likely experienced missing the start of a program while searching for the right channel on the television.


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