Recognize facial details: OMRON's Image Sensing technology OKAO™ Vision

OKAO™ Vision Functions


Face Recognition

Recognition can be done in various environments.


  • Can recognize with high accuracy under various situations for face orientation, expressions, lighting conditions and skin tones.
  • Can be used for face search or login features.

Usage Examples

Gender & Age Estimation

Estimate the gender and age from the facial image.


  • Can estimate the gender and age of a face with high estimation regardless of skin tones.
  • Can divide the estimated age ranged as per the user's preferences.
  • age and gender counting for customer analysis

Usage Examples

Baby Recognition

Can estimate the baby degree (from 0 up to 3 years old) of a face.


  • Can quantify the degree of baby likeliness of a face.
  • Has high estimation accuracy regardless of skin tones.

Smile Degree Estimation

Can detect the position of the eyes and mouth with OMRON's original model fitting technology and estimate smile degree.


  • Can quantify the degree of smiling of a face.
  • Can be used without pre-registering facial images.

Expression Estimation

Can estimate the facial expression.


  • Can estimate 5 expressions (neutral, happiness, surprise, anger and sadness).
  • Can estimate the expression degree based on positive expressions (happiness) and negative expressions (anger and sadness).
  • Can be used on a single image.

Usage Examples


Blink Estimation

People search

Baby AF/AE

Baby search

Pet breeding games for Toys & Games market

The growing pace reflects the detected expressions

Search images for digital cameras and smartphone market

Search and extract the desired expression in no time

Lower noise setting for babies

Smile Shutter

Recognize facial details: OMRON's Image Sensing technology OKAO™ Vision