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Terms of Use

This website ("Website") is owned, operated and maintained by OMRON Corporation ("OMRON"). Please read these Terms of Use carefully before viewing other contents on this Website. You can use this Website only if you agree to and accept these Terms of Use. Should individual terms and conditions be determined separately from these Terms of Use, you are requested to follow them.

1. Intellectual Property

The copyright for all materials on this Website belongs to OMRON. Except to the extent permitted by copyright laws, you are prohibited from using any of this material (including, without limitation, duplicating, reproducing in whole or in part, transmitting, distributing, licensing, selling and adapting) without obtaining OMRON's prior consent. In addition, by allowing you to access copyrighted work on the Website, OMRON does not transfer any intellectual property rights including, without limitation, inventions contained in copyrighted work, patents and/or design rights, nor does it license any rights concerning these intellectual properties. This Website is provided "as is" and OMRON offers no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, regarding copyrighted contents on the Website. All information regarding products, services and technologies provided by OMRON through this Website are protected by copyright, intellectual property and other applicable laws of Japan. The trademark "OMRON" and any other product names, service names or logos of OMRON used, quoted and/or referenced on this Website are trademarks or registered trademarks of OMRON Corporation.

2. Prohibited Usage

You are prohibited from using this Website for any of the following activities:

  1. Any activity that does or has the potential to infringe upon the properties and/or legal rights (including privacy rights) of others.
  2. Any activity that defames, disgraces, slanders, libels and/or threatens others and/or OMRON.
  3. Any activity that does or has the potential to disturb public order
  4. Uploading programs and/or files that contain viruses and/or corrupted files that may damage the operation of other computers
  5. Any activity that violates laws and/or legally binding regulations.
  6. Making false statements and/or notifications, including registration of e-mail addresses belonging to other parties.

3. Proposals and Offers

You are requested to refrain from sending your/others' trade secrets to OMRON, in the form of inquiries made through this Website or otherwise. You are also requested to refrain from making business offers and/or proposals including, without limitation, suggestions, materials or ideas for new or improved products, unless such offers are invited on this Website. Regardless of the foregoing request, if your ideas are brought to our attention, they will be treated, unless otherwise specified, as though you are in agreement with the following terms:

  1. OMRON is under no obligation to handle the submitted idea as confidential information.
  2. OMRON is under no obligation to study, evaluate or adopt the submitted idea.
  3. Even if OMRON adopts an idea identical or similar in whole or in part to the submitted idea, OMRON is neither responsible nor liable for any compensation thereof.

4. Disclaimer

Regarding the information on this Website, OMRON makes no representation and warranty with respect to:

  1. Accuracy, reliability, completeness and usefulness.
  2. Fitness for any particular purpose or functionality.
  3. Availability of information on a timely basis.
  4. Safety of contents and freedom from computer viruses.
  5. Information and contents of any linked non-OMRON site that you access.

Moreover, in no event will OMRON be liable for any damage or cause of any damage based on or resulting from change and/or removal of any information on this Website and/or suspension or discontinuation of this Website.

5. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and OMRON's Website are governed by and determined in accordance with the laws of Japan. All controversies and disputes arising from or related to these Terms of Use and OMRON's Website shall be submitted to and resolved by trial at the District Court in Kyoto, Japan.

6. Links

You may link any site, whether it is commercial or noncommercial, Internet or intranet, to the Website only if you agree to and follow the "Disclaimer and Linking Policies," below, after carefully reading them. Any prior application or notification is not necessary.

Disclaimer and Linking Policies

  1. In no event will OMRON be liable for any damage or compensation for damage that may result from links.
  2. The Company does not guarantee that information in this Website and its URL will remain unchanged permanently. The Website information and URL are subject to change without notice.
  3. You are not allowed to use the OMRON logo for links. (The Company's prior permission is required for use of the OMRON logo.)
  4. The Company categorically refuses links to this Website by any of the following sites:
    • Sites including content that defames, disgraces or slanders OMRON or its group companies, as well as directors, officers or employees thereof.
    • Sites including content that defames, disgraces or slanders the products or services from OMRON or its group companies.
    • Sites providing information or content that is illegal or may have the potential of being illegal.
    • Sites with obscene content or content that has the potential of offending social ethics, public order or morals.
    • Sites that make it unclear that this Website is owned and operated by OMRON, such as sites that "frame" this Website.
  5. Should OMRON demand the removal of a certain link due to OMRON's judgment that the link violates any of the above provisions, or for any other reason, the concerned party must comply with the demand immediately.

Setting Links

Links can be set to link to any page of this site. However, note that information displayed on this site and page addresses may change at any time without prior notice. We recommend linking to the top page for a more secure link.

1. Text Links

Include "OMRON Image Sensing Special Site +SENSING", "OMRON Corporation Image Sensing Site" or the page title in the name of the text link.

Text links

<a href=""> OMRON Image Sensing Special Site +SENSING</a>
2. Image Links

As a rule, all image links should link to the top page of this site ( Download and use the image below for image links. Furthermore, add the following in the HTML file.

Image Links

OMRON ICON width 90pix x height 30pix

HTML contents
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="omron.jpg" alt="OMRON Image Sensing Special Site +SENSING" /></a>
  • Use image links only as per the terms indicated above. Include "OMRON Image Sensing Special Site +SENSING", "OMRON Corporation Image Sensing Site" or the page title in alt or title, as for text links.
  • Changing or altering the size or contents of the image, or changing the URL address linked in the image is strictly forbidden.
  • The image link above is only to be used to link to OMRON Corporation sites and linking it to any other site is strictly forbidden.

7. Amendment of these Terms of Use

  1. OMRON may, at its discretion, amend these Terms of Use at any time if any of the following requirements are satisfied;
    • if such amendment conforms to the general interest of users; or
    • if such amendment of these Terms of Use does not violate their purpose and is reasonable in light of its necessity, the appropriateness of its revised contents, and other circumstances related to the amendment.
  2. In the case referred to in the preceding paragraph, OMRON makes an announcement of its intention of the amendment, its revised contents, and its effective date on the OMRON’s official website by two weeks before it comes into effect. (URL:, “NEWS” ticker)
    The revised Terms of Use is officially released upon the effective date.

March 27, 2020

OMRON's Image Sensing Special Site +SENSING: Terms of Use