OMRON's Image Sensing Technology


OMRON's image sensing technology is installed in various equipment in the world.

Technological capability to process high detection / recognition performance at high speed with a compact algorithm.

Functions such as face detection, facial parts detection, face recognition, etc. detect and recognize human beings at high speed with compact algorithms regardless of age, sex, nationality, under various environments. By installing it in all environments and equipment, Omron will continue to challenge and realize technology to understand people and help others.

Technological design H/W realising minitualism/high speed.

Omron has strengths in hardware (H / W) design to realize devices and systems, and to build concrete things. Having various H / W design technologies such as designing optical design technology and control board that realizes miniaturization and thinning, designing mechatronics equipment with built-in high-speed CPU and real-time OS.

Shipment record mainly on mobile devices 500 million licenses (cumulative number of shipment licenses in the past 5 years)

Omron's Image Sensing Technology "OKAO™ Vision" has various functions such as face detection and smile degree estimation. OKAO™ Vision are adopted in various devices around the world such as digital cameras and smart phones.

OKAO™ Vision Functions


OKAO™ Vision technology is also available as following module

  • Now on saleHuman Vision Components(HVC-P2) B5T-007001

    Incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration. Board type component easy to install on equipment.


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OMRON's Image Sensing technology is the answer.

OMRON's Image Sensing Technology: OKAO™ Vision