OKAO Vision

Image Sensing Technology

OKAO Vision

Find and Recognize People

OMRON's Image Sensing Technology


OMRON's Image Sensing technology is at top-level in the world.

OMRON has high level technology that enables a top-level detection and recognition accuracy in compact and reai time environments.

Representative OKAO Vision functions like face detection, facial parts detection and face recognition are all top of the class. It is compact and can detect and recognize people in images in real time under various environment, regardless of age, gender or skin tones. By incorporating its technology in various environments and equipment, OMRON continues to try developing and realizing technologies to understand and help people.

Top-level hardware design technology.

OMRON's hardware design of products to be used for equipment and systems is a top-level in the world. OMRON has various hardware design technologies, for example control boards or mechatronics equipment to be used in outdoor implemented with high speed CPU and real time OS.

Top of the class 500M licenses sold(total number of license in the past five years)

OMRON's Image Sensing Technology market share is in the top calss.OKAO Vision functions like face detection or smile degree estimation are currently implemented in various devices, like digital cameras otr smartphone, all over the world.

OKAO Vision Functions

OKAO Vision technology is available as follows

  • New release! Human Vision Components(HVC-P2) B5T-007001

    Incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration. Board type component easy to install on equipment.



  • Now on sale Human Vision Components (HVC-P)


OMRON's Image Sensing technology is the answer.

OMRON's Image Sensing technology OKAO Vision can recognize people's conditions.