Understand images: Image Sensing technology OKAO™ Vision

OKAO™ Vision Functions

Pet Detection

Can detect the faces of dogs and cats.


  • Can detect dogs' and cats' faces.
  • Can track them and detect non-frontal pet faces.

Scene recognition

Can recognize scenes from the images to be taken.


  • Can recognize 7 scenes including scenery, flower, cooking, snow, sunset, night and twilight.
  • Additional scenes are under planning.
  • Can be used in combination with face detection or pet detection to recognize even more scenes.
  • Can be used with high speed on various devices.

Subject detection

Can detect the main subject in the image automatically


  • Can be used to detect specified features like eyes.
  • Can detect high speed and high accuracy


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Understand images: OMRON's Image Sensing technology OKAO™ Vision