Image sensor to recognize the condition of people: Image Sensing Component (HVC)


Image sensor used to recognize people's condition just by mounting it.

Human Vision Components (HVC)


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Improve your equipment with top of the class technology implementation!

The Human Vision Components (HVC) incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration. Install HVC on your equipment in order add to it an image sensor capable of understanding the conditions of people around it. There is an infinity of usage possibilities for the information obtained from understanding people's conditions. HVC can be of help in various situations by adding cutting-edge Image Sensing technology to daily use devices.

The HVC-P Evaluation Kit is a user-friendly toolkit used to evaluate the Image Sensing technology. This development assistance toolkit includes the HVC board, the evaluation software (for Windows 7 32/64bit) and an interface board to connect to a PC. This toolkit allows developers to specify parameter settings and evaluate the performance of each function of the Image Sensing technology. Try out Image Sensing with the HVC-P Evaluation Kit!


Mount it on equipment to recognize people's conditions.

Until now, the implementation of advanced algorithms like Image Sensing in equipment was a hard task due to the CPU performance and memory storage capacity restraints of said equipment, and the requirement for software and hardware knowledge. HVC analyzes images by itself and can be used to obtain information on the conditions of people just by being installed on the equipment.

Sense people's conditions with an abundance of functions.

People's conditions can be recognized from various angles with 10 functions including face detection, human body detection, gender estimation, age estimation, gaze estimation, face direction estimation, face recognition, expression estimation (neutral, happiness, surprise, anger, sadness and positive/negative), hand detection and blink estimation.

High accuracy under various environments.

HVC mounted equipment can be used in various environment to sense faces and people with high accuracy.


Home Appliances

Optimal AC control is possible through detection of the position and number of people in a room. Personalized or age specific settings are also possible. It can be implemented in lighting devices for personalized settings or in televisions for self turn off features activated with face direction or blink estimation. Ideal settings support a comfortable environment and energy savings.

Marketing research (POS registers and vending machines)

Add as an image sensor to registers or vending machines in order to gather information on customers, including gender and age groups. Use face direction estimation, gaze estimation and expression estimation to analyze the customers' interest or buying behavior. Marketing based on the obtained data can be used in vending machines or other equipment in order to add features to recommend goods to buyers.

Industrial equipment (food processing equipment)

Hands-free operation of equipment for a more sanitary production is possible through hand detection and gaze estimation. Remote operations also help create a safer work environment.

Communication Robots (pet robot)

Incorporating image sensors in communication robots like pet robots will increase communication between them and their owners as they can show worry to a crying face or joy to a smiling face by reacting to people's motions or expressions.

Usage examples by market or purpose

Image Sensing Usage Examples by Market

Image Sensing Technology Usage Examples by Market, like Circulation or Home Appliances.

Image Sensing Usage Examples by Purpose

Image Sensing Technology Usage Examples by Purposes like Business Support or Automation.

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The Human Vision Components(HVC) incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration.