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OKAO® Vision

Image Search Library Use OKAOTM Vision Image Search Library for your business needs.

Increase the scope of your business  by using the OKAOTM Vision

The hassle of image searching can often hinder on business opportunities.
Boasting industry-leading performances, OKAO Vision software libraries were combined to create a specialized image searching solution focussed on maximazing support for business-minded companies.

Use 49% Do not use  because it's  a hassle. 51% Would you use it if it were simpler? Yes 77% No 23%

Survey of 1000 users concerning image search

What is OKAOTM Vision?

Image Search Library

The OKAOTM Vision Image Seach Library provides an answer to the following needs.


Find specific images quickly

Find that picture you took at that time?

search word「Family 4」:Talking about family? Search for that picture taken with the whole family search word「Hanako Smile」:Taking about your children? Search for that picture where they are smiling search word「2 20s female」:Talking about a common friend? Search for that picture taken with them at the park


Find the best picture

Calculate the gaze direction and blinking of the eyes to choose the best possible picture

Best Shot!


Pick up album photos

Specify a moment to pick up the appropriate pictures

Best Shot!

Recommended for multiple needs ・Let photobook makers' users pick up photos with ease ・Select pictures with ease on image searching sites ・Display the best picture in photo frames and many other uses

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What is OKAOTM Vision?
OKAO Vision is OMRON's leading Image Sensing Technology used to detect and recognize people.
Please consult our website for more information.
Where can we aquire the OKAO Vision Image Search Library?
Please contact us through our website.
Can we test the OKAO Vision Image Search Library before buying it?
Please contat us through our website.