OMRON's Image Sensing Technology Promotion Video

OKAO Vision Video

What is OMRON's Image Sensing technology OKAO Vision?What are the available functions and what can be achieved by using them? This promotion video will show what OKAO can accomplish for our daily lives in the near future.

OKAO Vision

OKAO Vision is Image Sensing technology used to detect people and recognize not only their situation and motions, but also their intentions and surroundings. This movie will introduce the features of each function and give examples of their application.

OKAO Vision Applications

Here is a visualization of the applications of OKAO Vision once it becomes an integral part of our daily life in the near future. Lets look at the comfort that OKAO Vison could bring to our daily life at work or at home.

OKAO Vision technology is available as follows.

  • HVC-P (board type)

    Incorporates multiple Image Sensing algorithms and a camera module into a compact configuration. Board type component easy to install on equipment.

    Now on sale!


OMRON's Image Sensing Technology OKAO Vision Promotion Video