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OMRON’s goal is to make an open innovation platform where incubates applications with users’ and developers’ idea based on our sensing technology.


We offer OMRON’s sensing technology as a component with combination of hard and software.

To make our sensing technology simple and reasonable.
We offer world’s best standards soft-ware as packages matching with usage and solution.

To make our sensing technology easy and handy.
We help more developers to be able to create applications.

For better relationship with human and sensing technology.
We bring up IoT(Internet Of Things) future of sensors watch over human life.


We provide system, structure and place widely open consisting of users, companies and engineers to incubate applications.

We hold feedback exchange events with OMRON engineers and develop-ers to innovate flexibly.

You can post your idea , opinion and questions to the member site forum
at anytime and anywhere.

Holding Hackathons and Ideathons on some regular basis to help communi-cate among developers .


We work together with you to deliver applications for general users and company users.

You can promote your application or it’s moving image on the member site. This will lead Facebook and other SNS reactions.

We also hold presentation events and parties for application developers.

OMRON will support using this in a business settings . Feel free to contact us!


The series of “Human Vision Components – Consumer model” (HVC-C) is a palm-size component which com-bines OMRON’s original image sensing technology “OKAO™ Vision” and camera module . This sends sensing result to mobile terminals and is operated easily with smartphone applications .

Anyone who has experience of carrying out Android or iOS applications can develop HVC-C applications . We provide SDK and other documents for you to start with. For developing environment, please use Android or iOS . Java and Objective-C class library for commer-cial use are open on our website.


OKAO Vision functions

Functions such as face detection, facial parts detection, face recognition, etc. detect and recognize human beings at high speed with compact algorithms regardless of age, sex, nationality, under various environments. By installing it in all environments and equipment, Omron will continue to challenge and realize technology to understand people and help others.



Smilefie Pod

Developer:Hakuhodo i-studio


Smilefie Pod is a selfie camera unit that takes photos by just smiling.


smile dryer



You have to be smiling to dry your hair. HVC-C estimates your facial expression to activate the hair dryer.


weburette for HVC-C

Developer:Daisuke Akatsuka(Mozilla Japan) Shohei Tomita(Chuo University) Atsushi Yamauchi(Chuo University)


This application is for mixing a drink. HVC-C estimates customers' facial expression, gaze, blink, age and others to tell what recipe is good for her/him and make cocktails.





Have you ever felt very drowsy while you are driving? This application alarms you with sound and visual when it detects sleepiness.

There had been more than 100 applications are created through this Sensing Egg Project.
They can be used at home and stores and other various scene, places. We will make them to be able to use on a global basis.